Refurbished 20m and 40m EHU


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DX Systems specialise in full refurbishment of SteppIR EHU's

Both 20m and 40m EHU's

Complete with 90 day warranty on parts and labour.

20m Refurbished EHU $495

40m Refurbished EHU $575


40m-6m Driven element housing unit (EHU);

Refurbished units:

90 Days Warranty from date of purchase.

-Fully rebuilt, inspected, and tested by our inhouse certified Technician.

-Refurbished units include the following items that are replaced as needed:

– Sprocket Shaft

– Copper/Reels

– Molded Bullets

– Mounting Plate with Spool Shaft

– Stepper Motor

– EHU Shell

– Contact Brush

– Platen Assembly

– Balun Assembly/Relay Board (where applicable)

*Does not include cover/mounting plate, cable, or mounting hardware due to the different applications some of the EHU’s can be used in (includes gasket). *EHU pictured is a general representation and may not resemble this specific EHU exactly.