SteppIR UrbanBeam Yagi 40-6m (SDA 100 Controller)



It doesn’t look like a traditional beam, but it sure works DX like a SteppIR!

The SteppIR UrbanBeam Yagi is a fantastic choice for those that are limited by lot size, regulations (HOA’s) or even the critical eye of neighbors and spouses.

The UrbanBeam has a unique appearance, some customers have remarked it looks like a bow-tie, or a butterfly!

Regardless of its shape, the UrbanBeam delivers outstanding performance for an antenna that weighs only 45 lb (20.5 kg) and has a wind load of a mere 4.4 sq ft (.41 sq m). The overall physical length of the Yagi is 30.5 ft (9.3 m), which allows for a turning radius of just 15 feet (4.72 m).

  • 40-6 m Yagi
  • 2 element beam 20-6
  • Rotatable dipole 40/30
  • Turning Radius 15.5 ft
  • Longest Element 30.5 ft
  • Boom Length 48 inches

“Small can be beautiful as DX operators want to travel compact and light – yet producing enough signal on each major band to reach every household the world over! Our recent EA8BH pending regional win in the ARRL DX SSB Contest was accomplished with a SteppIR. To win, you need to be loud!”. Martti Lane OH2BH.