80/40/30m Base Loading Coil for the SmallIR Mark III




Attaches to base of the SmallIR vertical, expanding coverage to the 80m/60m/40m/30m bands. Power limit of 300W on 80/60/40/30m; 3kW on 20-6m.

Additional 4 conductor cable required when adding this option.

Refurbished units: (Not currently available)

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty from date of purchase.

-Fully rebuilt, inspected, and tested by a certified SteppIR Technician.

-Requires core unit to be sent back within 30 days of receiving the refurbished unit (card will be charged for new unit price if we do not receive a core within 30 days).

-Core unit must be the same as refurbished unit.

*Does not include control cable.

*Coil pictured is a general representation and may not resemble this specific coil exactly.