SteppIR 3 Element Yagi Antenna with 30/40 Loop Dipole Added (SDA 100 Controller)




The 3 element Yagi is the original SteppIR antenna.

Using our proven technology it gives continuous frequency coverage from 6.8 to 54 Mhz. There have been many improvements over the years like the addition of a an optional 40/30M rotatable dipole and our now standard electronic controller, the SDA100. The 3 element Yagi with the 40/30 dipole option is our most popular antenna. With a 16 foot boom, the antenna models that are programmed into the controller deliver solid gain and exceptional front-to-rear ratios. Ask any SteppIR owner to “hit the 180” button, and you may be surprised to hear just how good the front-to-rear really is for this antenna.

  • 3 element Yagi
  • 40m-6m continuous coverage
  • 16 foot boom
  • 39 ft longest element
  • 19.7 ft turning radius
  • 8.1 sq ft wind load
  • Weight 58 lbs
  • Controller options:
  • SDA 100 with ALP Board
  • SDA 2000