SteppIR BigIR Mark IV Vertical (SDA 100 Controller)



BigIR Mark IV Vertical Antenna, 40m-6m

SteppIR Verticals are the only true ¼ wave continuous coverage antennas available for the HF bands.

The SteppIR technology has had a profound impact on improving vertical antenna performance over that of traditional designs – there is no substitute for having a true 1/4 wave vertical on every frequency within the coverage range, without having to “trick” the antenna into being resonant. Being able to adjust the length of the element allows the SteppIR vertical to be mounted nearly anywhere and still provide a good match to your transceiver. As with all ¼ wave verticals, ultimate performance depends a good radial system. SteppIR verticals can be ground mounted or elevated above ground.

  • 40m-6m continuous coverage
  • 32 ft length
  • 15 lb total weight
  • 2 sq ft wind load
  • EIA 222C wind rating when guyed
  • Comes with SDA 100 controller
  • EHU high wind reinforcing and 1.5”mounting pole
  • Does not include optional 80m coil