SteppIR DB18E Yagi Antenna, 40m-6m (SDA 100 Controller)



The DB18E Yagi antenna utilizes folded dipole technology for 30 and 40 meter performance.

There are 3 looped elements on the antenna. On 40 meters, two loop elements are active and on 30 meters through 6 meters all three elements are active. The DB18E uses an integral coax switch to select which one of the three elements are driven to give equal performance in forward and reverse directions. The control of the antenna and coax switch is integrated into the SDA100 controller for effortless tuning.

The singular difference between the DB18E and DB18 are the number of active elements on 30m – on the DB18E there are 3 active elements on 30m and on the DB18 there are 2 active elements on 30m

  • DreamBeam DB18E
  • 3 el 30m-6m
  • 2 el 40m
  • Three looped elements
  • 18 foot boom
  • Includes Connector Junction Box (Does not include optional 6m passive element kit)