SteppIR DB36 Yagi Antenna, 40m-6m (SDA 100 Controller)



The DB36 is part of the DB series Yagi antennas that use loop elements for 30 and 40M performance.

The DB36 packs MonstIR performance into an antenna that turns in nearly half the radius, and is almost half the weight. The DB36 is unique among the DB series antennas in that it has a single feed line, and no relays inside the EHU’s. The DB36 has a 49 ft looped driven element. This patented design allows us to make the end loop elements only 39 feet long, yet the performance is as if all 3 of the loop elements are 49 feet long. The folded dipole loop technology lets the footprint be 40% less than that of the MonstIR Yagi, losing only 0.4dB in gain performance.

The DB36 has a optional 80M dipole that works with the SDA100 controller for effortless tuning through the entire 80M band. The dipole runs parallel to the boom and uses the end elements as capacity hats, creating zero interaction with the rest of the antenna.

  • DreamBeam DB36 4 element Yagi
  • 40m-6m continuous coverage
  • 36ft boom, 48 ft longest element
  • 26 ft turning radius
  • 17.5 sq ft wind load
  • Weight 160 lb
  • Controller options*:
  • SDA 2000
  • SDA 2000 c/w ALP Board
  • *Includes Connector Junction box