SteppIR UrbanBeam Yagi 40-6m Yagi Package. (SDA 2000 "OptimizIR" Controller)



It doesn’t look like a traditional beam, but it sure works DX like a SteppIR!

The SteppIR UrbanBeam Yagi is a fantastic choice for those that are limited by lot size, regulations (HOA’s) or even the critical eye of neighbors and spouses.

The UrbanBeam has a unique appearance, some customers have remarked it looks like a bow-tie, or a butterfly!

Regardless of its shape, the UrbanBeam delivers outstanding performance for an antenna that weighs only 45 lb (20.5 kg) and has a wind load of a mere 4.4 sq ft (.41 sq m). The overall physical length of the Yagi is 30.5 ft (9.3 m), which allows for a turning radius of just 15 feet (4.72 m).

  • 40-6 m Yagi
  • 2 element beam 20-6
  • Rotatable dipole 40/30
  • Turning Radius 15.5 ft
  • Longest Element 30.5 ft
  • Boom Length 48 inches

  • Package includes:
    • Connector Junction Box
    • DB25 Cable splice
  • Total price of included components: $395.00

“Small can be beautiful as DX operators want to travel compact and light – yet producing enough signal on each major band to reach every household the world over! Our recent EA8BH pending regional win in the ARRL DX SSB Contest was accomplished with a SteppIR. To win, you need to be loud!”. Martti Lane OH2BH.

The OptimizIR on the other hand includes all of the standard features that the SDA 100 offers and in addition offers a larger full-color display, enhanced GUI, can be used on ANY SteppIR antenna, and has the capability for the user to import created antenna models.

Since this controller has the memory to store extra antenna models, SteppIR has gone ahead and modeled some cool yagi antennas including a max gain, max f/r, and wide beam antenna. These come stock on the OptimizIR for use straight away, and are viewable on a full color “power band” so it is easy and intuitive to visually determine the gain/FR weighting on the antenna model.